WCDM invites researchers, policy makers and practitioners to contribute papers for oral presentations in different technical sessions. All papers will undergo a peer review process and will be evaluated for content, originality, creativity, and presentation. Accepted papers will be published in a Scopus-indexed conference proceedings. At least one of the authors of the paper should register for the conference and be available for the presentation.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  • Submit abstract not exceeding 500 words.
  • Include Abstract title and select relevant Technical Theme and session topic. Include author’s name, affiliation and contact details (email ID & phone number)
  • Title: Write in Times New Roman, Font Size 14(Bold)
  • Author Name: Write in Times New Roman, Use superscript (1,2,3), Font Size 14 (Bold)
  • Affiliation: Write in Times New Roman, Font Size 11
  • Email Address: Write in Times New Roman, Font Size 11
  • Abstract: Write in Times New Roman, Font Size 12, around 500 words.
  • Keywords: (5 keywords)

SOP for online Abstract Submission

General guidelines for Full-Length papers:

  • The paper should not exceed the word limit of 7000 words (including table, chart, graph, annexure, etc.)
  • Page size should be A4 with a margin of 25 mm on all four sides.
  • The paper must consist of a Title, Abstract (150-200 words), keywords (4-6), Author(s) affiliation and their contact details, followed by the body of the paper viz: introduction; methods; results; discussion; conclusions; references (APA style) and acknowledgments.
  • Uniform and consistent style should be used throughout the paper as follows.
  • Font - Times Roman
  • Font size - 11
  • Line spacing - 1.5 Line spacing.
  • Columns - Single column.
  • The figures and tables should be inserted in the body itself at or nearest to the point of their citation in the text and these should be captioned suitably and numbered sequentially.

SOP for online Full Length Paper Submission

A. Guidelines for Presentations at the 6th WCDM venue

Presenters will be allotted a total of 10 minutes, which will include 3 mins for Q&A moderated by the Chair. Try to present the essence of your paper in 7-10 slides.
Every presenter must carry two copies (hard copies) of their abstract / presentation, which must be given to the Chair and co-Chait at the time of presentation.

A.1: Possible Format for your Presentation:
  • Presentation format: First slide must carry Title of the presentation, Name and Designation with the 6th WCDM logos
  • We recommend the following formats: PPT/PPTX/PDF format.
  • Please try not to use animations. If you do, all videos or animations in the presentation must run automatically.
  • We cannot provide support for embedded videos in your presentation; please test your presentation with the on-site laptop several hours before your presentation.
A.2: In order to ensure a smooth performance during your session, please consider the following instructions:
  • Be at the session room 15 minutes before session starts.
  • Bring your presentation on a USB memory stick in MS-PowerPoint or Adobe PDF formats, and upload it in the Session Room computer no later than 15 minutes prior to your session start.
  • A volunteer will be at your disposal to help you upload it in the right place in order to find it easily at the time of presentation.
A.3: You may wish to use your own laptop for your presentation, which is permissible.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Layout and Format

  • Posters should be on a standard A0 portrait layout 841 mm x 1,189 mm (33.1 inches x 46.8 inches; width x height). Oversized posters would obstruct adjacent posters and so will be rejected.
  • Please include the 6th WCDM logo and the logo of any other organizations that have facilitated your study/project.
  • Computer display equipment, sound or projection equipment, or freestanding displays are not permitted.
  • Content: The poster presentation should cover all key aspects of the work and contain the following items, where applicable: • Abstract • Introduction • Materials • Methods • Results • Discussion • Conclusions • References
  • Please use short “bulleted” statements
  • Visual representation of Results as Figures, Diagrams, etc. are preferred and should be presented in a clear and concise format.
  • Materials should be displayed in a logical sequence from top left to bottom right. Number all poster panels within each poster or use arrows so that the sequence of presentation is clear.
  • Use a minimum of 14 pt font, readable from a distance of one metre. Use standard fonts/typefaces e.g. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman
  • Posters should include text and graphics and use colour to add emphasis and clarity. illustrations should be simple and bold, and photos should clearly show pertinent details. Displayed materials should be self-explanatory and should enhance the verbal presentation and discussion.
  • All poster panels should be printed with a laser or other high-quality printer.

Poster Presentations

  • poster session presenter will be provided with poster board/stand and push-pins.
  • The board will be labelled with the 6th WCDM ID number assigned to your Poster/Abstract.
  • Poster Presenters will be responsible for posting their materials on poster boards/stands before lunch break on the 28-Nov-23, the first day of the conference.
  • All posters are to remain displayed throughout the entire conference.
  • Presenters will be assigned a specific time slot and numbered space for their poster presentation (to the Jury). Presenters will forfeit their opportunity to present their research if they are more than five (5) minutes late for their presentation. The time-slot for the Poster Sessions will be mentioned when the final program schedule is posted on the 6th WCDM website in early November.
  • After the session ends, posters and materials should be promptly removed and the area cleaned up. The 6th WCDM is not responsible for material left after the conference. Posters left will thus be disposed of.